Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 is the new 20

I thought I would share a little about Dusty's big 30 birthday. I had a hard time coming up with ideas to celebrate. He assured me he didn't want a surprise party or big party. I am a little relieved because I don't know if I could have pulled it together in time with vacation falling so close to his birthday.
So.... instead of a party, I made him an album of memories with the help of family and friends who contributed their favorite memories. I also made a list of 30 things for us to do... it was fun to complete the list. I tried to document the achievements with pictures as you can see in my Flickr account. So, here's the breakdown of our celebration... at least with the bigger things.

Day 1 (Friday, Sept. 26):
Opened presents
Posed for pic w/Cayson
Went to the gun range (my 1st time to shoot a gun)
Ate pizza at Downtown Diner
Attempted to hula hoop (not so successful)
Ate dinner at Casa Soto
Went to a movie

Day 2 (Saturday, Sept. 27):
Headed to C-town to watch the Canna Parade
Ate homemade ice cream
Enjoyed birthday cake
Picked pumpkins
Went to the SWOSU football game
Watched football at the Smiths'

Day 3 (Sunday, Sept. 28):
Had a family picnic
Did cartwheels
Enjoyed more homemade ice cream (ice cream social at church)

Day 4 (Monday, Sept. 29):
Went to the duck pond
Blew bubbles
Posed for a pics with parents
Made smores

Had to post this picture of Dusty hoola hooping. SO funny!!!!


  1. That is the funniest thing.... hahahahha

    He looks like he was so into it!! haha

  2. I adore the 30 things to do to countdown to 30!! I wish I had thought of that for M's 30th!


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