Monday, October 6, 2008

Christmas is getting close!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited! I just got my tickets to the Radio City Rockettes!!! They are going to be in OKC right after Christmas (kind of stinks it's after Christmas). We are going the day after Christmas... I've always wanted to go to NYC to see them! I can't wait! It's something to look forward to after Christmas... so the high isn't over for me after Christmas. : ) Now, I think I might just start uploading my Christmas music to my iPhone.....


  1. I saw them in NYC and it was fantastic!! A girly dream of mine to see :)

    You will love it! and it is NOT too early for Christmas music--Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday's at our house!

  2. Sarah,

    Just FYI, they will be in Tulsa before Christmas, if you guys are interested in traveling. My dad wants us all to go while they're there....My sister has seen them in NYC and said it's an awesome show!!

    And yes, Christmas is getting close!! I'm already stressing....maybe I should play some Christmas music to help.. ;)


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