Thursday, November 6, 2008

Driver's License Renewal Dread

My driver's license expires this month. Ugh! I've been dreading this... here's my conversation with Dusty the other evening.

Me: My license expires this month.
D: Go get it tomorrow... it's not that big of a deal.
Me: BUT, I want to lose 30 lbs first.
D: Why?
Me: So my face won't be fat in my picture.
D: But if you lose 30 lbs in your face, you won't have a head. You should just cut your head off.
Me: (Exasperated at this point) I need to lose 30 lbs everywhere so my face will be skinny.
D: Whatever

So, I've got to hurry and lose some weight or maybe do some contouring makeup so I'll look skinny in my picture.



  1. oh Sarah, you are so silly!
    I had a similar conversation with Ryan about my hair length for when my license expires in January. I mentioned that I wanted my hair to grow out and he asked why and basilcally thought I was ridiculous.
    MEN sometimes...

  2. I hate my DL Photo and I am stuck with mine for another 2 years. Ick. But I noticed on there the other day that my weight is only about 30 pounds shy of what I reall am! Nice!

  3. Too funny! I am terrible at contouring, and typically look like a really, really bad Andy Warhol painting--minus all the pink.

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