Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun Stuff!

Just a few fun things....

  1. Cayson has been doing the splits lately... don't know where he picked it up... I keep telling people he is imitating Dusty *joking*.
  2. A friend of mine (no name to protect her dignity), showed up to Sunday School wearing two different shoes. She had no idea until someone mentioned it after S.S. I had a similar situation in jr. high... I was mortified.
  3. Christmas threw up in my living room... and it's pouring out of five totes at the moment waiting for me to put it up.
  4. Cayson is extremely into copying Dusty & I. He now folds his arms all the time like we do. He looks so big.
  5. Did I mention Cayson got a hair cut on Wednesday? He looks so grown up!
  6. We went to see Four Christmases with Michelle on Friday night. Michelle & I went to get seats while Dusty got popcorn. We found seats and realized there were a lot of little kids in the theater and all the previews were cartoons. Dusty called my phone at the same moment the movie started and we realized we were in the wrong movie! So, we ended up sitting on the very front row in our movie because those were the only seats available. The movie was hilarious by the way.
  7. Cayson will shower us with hugs and kisses to stall before bed. Cracks me up and I can't pass up the extra lovin' from my baby.

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