Monday, November 17, 2008

Going to concert, need ear plugs

Sunday night, Dusty & I got to go to a Coldplay concert. A perk of having your bro-in-law work as a DJ at a radio station: Free concert tickets!!! Thanks, Stephen!
This is Dusty ready to "rock" out.
This was our thoughts on one of the opening acts... a weird dj thing with terrible drug induced graphics flashing on the screen. It actually made me physically ill... or maybe it was the pot smoking behind us...
(Dusty's pretending to be asleep because we were bored)

Coldplay was amazing! Love, love, loved them! I'm dragging today due to the lack of sleep... I think I'm a little old for this. :)



  1. How fun!! Everyone I know that has seen Coldplay says it is AMAZING!

  2. Hey, I'm just stopping by from SITS. Coldplay, how awesome! Was it a great concert?

  3. I agree with the weird DJ & graphics...what was up with that?! I'm glad we didn't have any weed smokers behind us - but we did have cigarette smoke we were overwhelmed with! Coldplay = love.


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