Monday, November 3, 2008

Zoo Fun

We've had a busy, busy few days! I'm in recovery and get our house in order-mode, so I've slowly been going through the pics from this weekend. We did Fan Jam Thursday night ( a big basketball pep rally for the university), Friday was the zoo, Saturday was the homecoming parade and football game, Sunday was church & G-ma's birthday party.

My parents & I took Cayson to the zoo on Friday. He really, really enjoyed feeding the ducks, geese, and the catfish. Anyway, it was fun and a lot of walking! We did spend the afternoon shopping and of course I really, really enjoyed that part! :)

Dad nearly got us kicked out of the zoo.... he decided to share his Cheez-Its with this elk... I did get some good pics of the elk... it was right next to us begging for more. I told Mom to walk off and pretend we didn't know Dad- that way when he was escorted out, we could stay. Ha ha!


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  1. The picture of the elk and cheeze-it is cracking me up!!!


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