Thursday, December 18, 2008

A 1st at our home

Apparently, Cayson decided he had to join the club that all toddlers join... I guess he didn't feel like he was cool enough... though I try to shower him with praise, love, and affection.... but it just wasn't enough. He... ready for this... ate a crayon! And yes, it was green in color. Nice. Now he needs parental supervision when coloring... which I did discover yesterday when he decided to color on my sheet that I had out to protect my dining room table from my craft projects.


  1. Oh, boys will be boys. They all seem to have to taste those colorful crayons. Good thing they are non toxic.

  2. How fun!! The joys of boys!! I guess that answers my question is he is feeling better!
    Blaine takes a nap on Brandon's bed during the day and decided to be the next Picasso and color all over the wall. That was a first for our house too.

  3. Oh girl... We've already been there!! It was quite interesting!!! I think his teeth were red for a week!!


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