Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Post

Yikes! We had a great weekend and I’m behind on posting about it! Have I mentioned that Dusty is away at a school for two extremely long weeks? He’s home on the weekends, so that is good. He's attending a school to become a Drug Recognition Expert. It entails two weeks of class, clinicals with 12 hand written evaluations (the evaluations are 9-15 pages long!), and an 8 hour test in August where he must make an 80% to pass. It’s crazy hard and I’m glad it’s not me taking the class! He has to memorize loads of material and long, difficult words. On the test, if you misspell a word, it’s considered wrong. Tough stuff! Anyway, this is his last week of class time and he’ll start clinicals in May.

I spent my Saturday helping with a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Kim! It was a lot of fun and I got to try making a diaper cake for the 1st time.

  Kim's Baby Shower 032

Banner on the front door

Kim's Baby Shower 038

The big sisters – Kaci & Korbyn with cousin Greer
Kim's Baby Shower 047

The cake made by my TALENTED mother-in-law!

Kim's Baby Shower 023

Kim with the cake!

Kim's Baby Shower 058

Present time! She got lots of fun things along with a good supply of diapers! Kim's Baby Shower 068

 Kim's Baby Shower 097

Greer crashed out for about 15 minutes
Kim's Baby Shower 109

Onesie decor. I decorated the onesies.   Kim's Baby Shower 028 

Missy Greer. She is such a doll!

Kim's Baby Shower 034

While I was partying it up – Dusty & Cayson were cruising in the police car. Dusty had to put the carseat in it for the day and Cayson got a kick out of riding around in the police car. He LOVED it! They had to direct traffic for a benefit bike ride thing so Cayson got to see lots of motorcycles.

We also went to a birthday party for Cayson’s little friend, Benton, Saturday evening. Cayson had a blast and spent the better part of the party shooting hoops on Benton’s new basketball goal. I wish I had my camera – Cayson was draining the baskets from about 4-5 feet out. Don’t tell, but I think there’s a basketball goal hidden around our house for his birthday!

I’m going to try to load the pics from the shower to Flickr so be watching if you want to see them all.

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