Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silly Boy

I wanted to record some of Cayson's cuteness for my sake as well as to share it with you!

  • The other morning he had a baby wipe and wiped his nose and two of his stuffed animals noses before wiping mine. It was so cute!

  • He can clearly say "All done" when he is finished eating.

  • He calls Uncle Greg "Grrrr" as in a growl. I was trying to get him to say Uncle Greg and instead he growls. It cracks me up! Yet the other day, he pointed to Uncle Greg's truck and clearly said "Greg."

  • He started singing "Deep & Wide" in the grocery store the other day. It was so sweet to hear him singing and doing the motions on his own.

  • When we mention anything about money, Cayson points to the palm of his hand and starts oinking - telling us he wants money for his piggy bank. Yeah, he's learned early.

  • Cayson frequently talks on his "cell phone" aka his palm. He walks around jabbering and talking to Dad all the time.

  • As shown in a previous video, Cayson LOVES to get s"tuck". He will slide his feet under the sofa and yell, "Tuck!!!" I think he just likes the attention when we come to see what's going on.

  • He has started singing "Hot dog, hot dog" with Mickey Mouse. A video of that to come soon. It's hilarious!

  • He's started mimicking me when we go down to my parents' house to take care of Ace & Josie. He talks in a high pitch voice to the animals saying "Hi Ace! Hi Josie!" It's this super high pitch voice - apparently that's what I do. Lol.

  • He is so observant! He notices if the moon is out during the day. He spots police cars long before Dusty or I. It amazes me how observant and smart this little 2 year old is!

I know I have lots more but that is all I can think of at the moment. He seriously keeps me laughing all day long... between him & Dusty, things are never serious around here!

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