Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grocery Store Disaster

I thought I’d share a “little” incident that happened this week at the grocery store. I still feel as if there HAD to be a hidden camera somewhere filming my every disastrous move. Seriously.

Rylan was spending the day with us on Tuesday and we made our way to the grocery store for a few things. The grocery shopping was actually incident free and uneventful. Our stinkin’ grocery store only had one check-out lane open the entire time we were there and there was always a long line. I hate that! So, after waiting in line and checking out, I had to carry out my own groceries. No Big Deal. I carry Cayson on my hip and push the cart with Rylan walking beside us. Still, No Big Deal.

Out to the car we go. I park the shopping cart on the curb next to my car so I can load the kids in the car. While situating Cayson in his car seat, my cart flips over and dumps all my groceries onto the nasty, dirty asphalt. Can you say, “Ugh!” I upright my cart – getting my new white pants dirty by the dirty, nasty cart- and start picking up my groceries…. as in very bruised fruits and crumpled bread.

I get everything unloaded into the back of the car and then push the cart all the way up to the building where other carts are sitting. I rush back to get Cayson buckled in and WHAM! The cart had rolled all the way back and banged into the open car door. Great! A door ding! I told Rylan, “That’s an evil cart!”

I push it back, run back and jump into the car to back out before it can attack me again. As I back out of my spot, I hear a crushing noise. Just great! I ran over something that rolled under my car. So I back out and park- sticking out into traffic so I can go see if I can salvage anything. I drove right smack over the jar of strawberry jelly crushing the jar. Lucky for me, I missed my precious powdered covered donettes and the not so precious teriyaki sauce and shave gel. I gather my jelly covered items and load them before rushing home.

On top of all this, there was a couple sitting in the car directly next to me witnessing the entire fiasco. No joke. I’m sure I made their day. AND, one of the store managers came out and walked right by my mess without even looking at it. That ate me up.

When we were driving off, Rylan told me “We’re a bunch of silly girls and we’re goobers!” I had to agree. Then she asked if I was mad. I just laughed… and laughed and said, “No, this is life and these things happen.” Gives me something to blog about, I suppose.


  1. Sarah, it's certainly not less funny the second time you tell it. I am sorry for your unfortunate experience, I am telling you I can totally picture myself in your shoes. In a VERY extreme sort of way it prepared you for 2 kids and the grocery store stress and you handled it AWESOME!!

  2. Let me guess you went to homeland. I went there the other day Robert was with me he had went outside to take Brayden to the car and I had a basket full of stuff and he said would you like help out with this? umm duh. I go there only when I have coupons so I can get the doubled coupons. They really don't have very good customer service.


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