Friday, July 31, 2009

Chaos in C-town

Last Saturday we headed down to Papa & Nana’s for Maggie’s swim  party. Our Maggie Girl turned 8! I didn’t take very many pictures of the happenings… just imagine 10 kids and 15 adults running around. Well, the adults more or less lounged around while the kids ran around.

Cayson pretty much had his own personal pool. IMG_5503

Maggie came over to “help” fill the pool up after an unfortunate dumping of the water. IMG_5505 IMG_5507

Dusty took this one and it’s so dark but I love it! Two of my sweet nieces – Kaci & Klaire! IMG_5510

Nana made another fabulous cake. The shells, fish, dolphins, etc are candies that she made. Don’t you love the “sand” on the top?

IMG_5511 IMG_5513

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