Sunday, October 4, 2009


Picture pre-haircut

Cayson is growing and maturing so fast! I can’t believe how observant the child is! He notices EVERYTHING and asks about EVERYTHING. I hear Whodat? (Who was that?), Why?, Whatdat? (What’s that?) all day long.

Some of my favorite phrases are “I otay,” after he falls down… before we can even ask. “I toming” (coming) when I ask him to come here. He says “Tee dat?” (see that?) and “Hey, guys!”  I always giggle when he says “otay” (okay)… reminds me of the Little Rascals.

We’re working hard on potty training and I think it’s coming along. I’ve been sick so it’s been harder to be consistent but he seems to be picking it up. We’re also working on banishing the thumb sucking. The new rule is, he has to go to his bedroom to suck his thumb. This seems to be working as he usually doesn’t want to go to his room just to suck his thumb. The other morning though, he ran to his room and said, “Case tuck my tumb in my woom.” Translation: Cayson suck his thumb in his room.

Cayson is losing some of his affection and cuddly-ness. Guess that comes with maturing… he’s always been the cuddliest little guy… always willing to hug and love on his momma. Now he’s getting his independent streak where he’d rather sit by himself than on momma’s lap.

Speaking of independence, we used to always cuddle  before bed and then carry Cayson to his bed. Now, he insists on walking himself to bed and climbing in on his own. Independence!

He also repeats EVERYTHING. So, watch what you say in front of my child! We are having to be very careful. He was watching football this afternoon with Dusty and said “Dangit!” when there was an incomplete pass. Yep, he picks up on everything. Mom taught him to say, “I’m a redneck!” yesterday… she thinks it’s hilarious. I laughed pretty hard myself.


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