Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homecoming Parade 2009

  I took Cayson to his 3rd SWOSU Homecoming parade Saturday. He was so excited, he could barely nap. He slept less than an hour and woke up telling me, “I did it, Mommy!” As in- I took a nap so it’s time for the parade. I had told him we were going to the parade after his nap… stinker took the shortest nap in history.

He got to see one of his favorite people – Kourtney!  SWOSU Homecoming 2009 010 SWOSU Homecoming 2009 019

The bands are one of his favorite parts… he loves jamming to the music.SWOSU Homecoming 2009 020

This handsome serious officer stopped to offer his assistance to us. I was swooning. :) SWOSU Homecoming 2009 024

One of our firefighter clowning friendsSWOSU Homecoming 2009 029

Cayson hoarded all his candy… he was so thrilled to get his own candy!

SWOSU Homecoming 2009 032SWOSU Homecoming 2009 037 SWOSU Homecoming 2009 035

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