Thursday, November 19, 2009

Autumn Pics

My sister did some pics of us a few weeks ago…. Here are a few bunch of my favorites!

Jarnagin027 Jarnagin031 Jarnagin033 Jarnagin034 Jarnagin038 Jarnagin048 Jarnagin054 Jarnagin063 Jarnagin065 Jarnagin069 Jarnagin072 Jarnagin076 Jarnagin081 Jarnagin087 Jarnagin097 Jarnagin100 Jarnagin111 Jarnagin117 Jarnagin120 Jarnagin121 Jarnagin122 Jarnagin125 Jarnagin127 Jarnagin134 Jarnagin141

You can check out all our family/maternity pictures here. Password: taryn.

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