Monday, December 28, 2009


I know I’ve posted most of these on Facebook but I really wanted to record them here as well. Just a few of the funnies that come out of Cayson’s mouth…

The other day, Cayson has a "problem" picking up his cars... I didn't know the word "problem" was even in his vocabulary.

Today, while we were out running errands, Cayson asked if I was going to put clothes on. I told him I had clothes on and he replied, “No, those pajamas.” Apparently, I can’t go out in public wearing my sweatpants!

Cayson “called” Dusty today on his play phone to tell Dusty he had a “problem” with the Christmas tree. Dusty asked what his problem was and he told him, “The lights are off.” Oh, if all our problems could be solved so easily!

The other day, Dusty told Cayson that he was funny. Cayson said, “No, I amazing!” Yes, he takes after his father!

This one is terrible… Dusty & Cayson were playing in the other room and I was doing something in the living room. Out of the blue, Cayson blurted out, “That’s not a cow, that’s Mommy!” Oh, I should be offended but it’s pretty stinkin’ funny.

He also was kind enough to tell me that I have big toes… I didn’t remind him that he has his daddy’s crooked toes.

Cayson’s been singing “Do you know the muffin man?” except it sounds like he’s singing, “Do you know the MARTIAN man?” We honestly don’t know where he learned the song in the first place.

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