Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Mondays

I took a billion pictures today of the kids…. and of course, since the blog is a platform for my photo taking addiction, I had to post them!

Taryn had her first playdate this morning and I didn’t get pictures of that! Bummer. We met her friend, Gracie, and Gracie’s mommy, Kendra, at The Cup for a morning playdate while their brothers were at CDO. It was an interesting experience… Kendra and I got a lot of gabbing in and at one point, both girls were bawling as we attempted to comfort them. We were both dying laughing.

Taryn spent some time in her Bumpo today. I think she just looks so big when she sits in it!

 IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7197

Taryn was fussing, and I walked into the living room to discover “someone” comforting her. Such a sweet big brother!


I have to laugh at her expression in this one… and you can see The Dimple. IMG_7201 

We had some beautiful sunshine this afternoon!!! And, Patches found an interesting spot to catch the sunny warmth…


Taryn’s already stealing Cayson’s toys… she drove his remote controlled car like a maniac…. 


Apparently, it wasn’t that exciting.


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  1. Thanks for meeting us, we had a really fun time!
    C is so sweet, comforting her, on his own, without you asking him to! You are so blessed! She looks so big in her bumbo. I have yet to put G in hers.


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