Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today’s Mish-Mash

I decided that today is Taryn’s 2 month birthday. I usually keep track of their month birthdays by the day they were born. Her’s falls on the 30th of the month and since there wasn’t a 30 in February, I decided today is her 2nd month birthday. Mainly because I thought about it and got a few pictures though Miss Priss wasn’t exactly cooperating. 

IMG_7083 IMG_7087 

She wiggled down but I thought I’d snap a picture of her ruffle bottom.

 IMG_7094 IMG_7099 IMG_7110

Cayson thought he needed his picture taken with “his” Minnie Mouse too.

IMG_7088 IMG_7089

Cayson’s pretty in pink. :)

IMG_7112 IMG_7114 IMG_7117

I think the pink bunny ears look adorable on both my cuties!

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