Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

My sweetie took me to Dallas… well, really Frisco for the weekend to SHOP! I asked to go to IKEA, World Market & HomeGoods for my Valentine’s/Anniversary combined. He agreed and we had a blast getting away from the tugs of everyday life. We also got to bond with our precious little girl without all the distractions that always seem to be pulling us in every direction.

Miss Priss ready to shop, shop, shop!


My first trip to IKEA! Hopefully, not my last!


My shopping partner in crime


Taryn got spoiled with a nifty play mat which she loves… so  much that she fell asleep mid-play.


Bathtime in the little bowl sink


She is definitely filling in! Though she is still wearing newborn clothes.


Squeaky clean!

IMG_7039 IMG_7044

Incognito Baby

IMG_7049 IMG_7052 IMG_7053

Happy to be cuddling with Daddy… see her smile and dimple?


Thanks, Honey, for a great weekend! Love, love, love you!

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