Thursday, April 15, 2010

Conversations with Cayson

We’ve had some cute & fun conversations with Cayson lately and I want to remember them.  These are all conversations from today.

C: “What’s your ring for?” while wearing the leftover ring part from a Christmas ring pop type of candy.
Me: “Daddy gave it to me when we got married.”
C: “Why"?”
Me: “It means Daddy & Mommy will be together forever.”
C: “I want that too.”
Me: “You want to be with Daddy & Mommy forever?”
C: “Yes, what does that mean?”
Me: “Wherever God takes us, we’ll go together.”
C: “Like to Grandma & Grandaddy’s?”
Me: “Um, sure.”

C: “What’s all over you?”
Me: “Nothing.”
C: points to my freckles/moles
Me: “Freckles and moles. “
C: “Okay!” and runs off.

Tonight, after I tucked him into bed, Cayson hollered after me, “Mommy, I’m glad you’re my friend. And Kourtney (Bridges) too. And Grandma too. “ I love that he considers us all his friends. He’s so sweet!

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