Friday, May 7, 2010

Cowboy… sort of

We took Cayson to see Uncle Keith’s new little colt, Chester, in Piedmont earlier this week. Isn’t he precious? The colt, I mean… well, Keith’s pretty precious too.

 IMG_7804 IMG_7805

Cayson got this straw cowboy hat for his birthday and he had to take it… doesn’t he look like the cowboy with his sleeveless shirt, sunglasses, shorts, and straw hat? Ha ha… not so much the cowboy… maybe an eclectic cowboy. I love the outfit!


Keith had Trouble do a fast spin which made this momma’s heart go pitter-patter with fear. Cayson, showed no fear though!


Cayson’s friend, Blaine, came over the other morning to play. The boys had a great time playing cowboy and riding the horse and wearing the hat. It was funny to see them sharing the horse.


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  1. so much to comment on...
    First, Cayson's cowboy get-up, HILARIOUS!! That boy is such a hoot!
    Chester is adorable!
    The pic of the boys sharing the horse...priceless!! They have so much fun together, love it!
    What a special and loving boy Cayson is to allow Blaine to wear his new hat. You are an awesome mommy!


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