Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Months with our Sweet Pea

Dusty gave Taryn the nickname, Sweet Pea… and she is sweet… a lot of the time. Not always so sweet during the night when her restless self decides that sleep is for the birds.


Taryn is one busy little bee! She scoots all over the house and is constantly in motion. Her leg is always kicking whether she’s sitting in a lap or laying on her tummy. No wonder she’s a skinny little thing! She is always working off those calories!


She also has the largest mouth… really. I think we are in trouble with this little girl! She has always been able to fit her whole fist into her mouth. She opens it up soooo wide when begging for food or her pacifier. She also utilizes it when she yells, screams, and cries.


She really does have the sweetest smile accented by her darling dimples!


We are so blessed that God placed her in our lives and we get to witness her grow, learn, and become a sweet girl!

JarnaginFam13  Photos courtesy of RM Photography. Thanks, sister!


  1. Thanks for showcasing my pictures! I just love that little miss T!

  2. Those are amazing!! LOVE them :)

    I love the hammer idea too, that is adorable!

  3. The pictures are priceless!!!


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