Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girly Ruffled Checkbook Cover

I’ve been so antsy to try making a gorgeous ruffled checkbook cover after seeing the awesome tutorial on The Sweet Life.

It was really pretty easy for this beginner sewer… it took longer trying to figure out everything on my new sewing machine than the actual sewing. I think the next one I make will go much quicker and hopefully, be a little closer to perfect. This one has it’s flaws, but I love it anyway!!!


The inside


I had this cardboard piece from my old Vera Bradley cover so I stuck it in the front to add a little sturdiness.


I don’t know if Dusty will be asking to borrow the checkbook anytime soon…


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love :)

    I love this! I think I would carry my checkbook with me all the time for sure if I had this fancy schmancy custy patootsy checkbook cover :)

    unfortunately, Becca does not sew. sad day.

  2. sew sew cute!! cheesy I know, but I couldn't resist. I think it looks great. I do alot of those kind of ruffles on my pockets of my aprons and also on scripture helps if you do a medium - long length zig zag on the edges of the material before you baste it and pull it to gather. It still shows an unfinished hem but won't unravel so much!

    Can't wait to see more things that you are sewing! Nice job.


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