Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures in family vacationing Part 1

  2010 Family Vacation 001

The first day was filled with several detours and stop-offs such as Turner Falls and a few outfit changes for Miss T.

2010 Family Vacation 005 2010 Family Vacation 008 2010 Family Vacation 009

The kids were very grateful to get to the hotel after the driving…. and Cayson was even more excited about the pizza we ordered in!

2010 Family Vacation 024 2010 Family Vacation 027

Then, off to the baseball game we went…. in the sweltering heat. Miss T rode along with Mommy.

2010 Family Vacation 033

A way cool (air condtioned) trolley was our transportation to the ballpark.

IMG_88102010 Family Vacation 035 

We sweated….


…and sweated some more…


But it was an experience we’ll always remember! The kids’ first major league baseball game in the 100 degree heat.


  1. What a fun first day and a great way to make the traveling all worth it, pizza, trolley and baseball! I love the sling too, very cute!

  2. Cute pictures! I'm so tired of the ready for fall!


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