Monday, September 6, 2010

I smell football!

It’s football season!!!! Whoo-hoo!!! We had a fun football weekend with the Weatherford/Clinton high school game on Friday and partaking in Sooner Saturday!

Taryn sported team colors and bow for the WHS game.


As you can see, she was quite interested in the game. Ha ha. She did enjoy it. On a side-note, her leg is usually like this. I think I have a cheerleader or gymnast on my hands.


Cayson loved every  minute of the game!


Dancing girl!


This is her new tongue thing… she’s always sticking it out.


Sooner Saturday! Taryn started out in this outfit – the onesie was what Cayson came home from the hospital in. How crazy is that?


Thumbs up, OU!


We hung out at the Smiths’ watching the game… or just visiting and playing. Taryn & Lakyn were such cuties sporting their OU colors.

 IMG_8923 IMG_8929

This pic cracks me up – Taryn’s doing “touchdown” and Lakyn doesn’t know what to think of her antics.


All the babies – Wesson (6 months), Lakyn (4 months) and Taryn (8 months).


As you noticed, Cayson was nearly MIA from this post… he was being camera shy this weekend so Taryn got my full photographic attention.

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