Friday, September 10, 2010

Start to school…

Yesterday marked the first day of CDO (Children’s Day Out) for our family this year. Cayson is in the 3/4’s class and Taryn & I are in the babies room. I’m working as a teacher this year with one of my dear friends, Kendra. We get to play with our little crew on Mondays & Thursdays.


Cayson ran right into his new room and started playing with the toys. No separation anxiety there.


He and his buddy, Blaine. They were the first two in class so I didn’t get a picture with any of his other friends.


Cayson and one of his teachers, Ms Amy


The only pics I took in our class are of T, Gracie & Charlee since I had permission to take their pics and am friends with the mommas. Gracie is Kendra’s little girl and Charlee is Amy’s.


Miss T & Gracie decided sleeping was for the birds…. Taryn pulled down her blankets and was chewing on them and Gracie decided to peek out.


Lunch time! Gracie, Taryn & Charlee


Sweet baby girls!


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  1. Those pictures crack me up, especially the one of the girls in their cribs! Such little rebels they are!! I am really excited about this adventure with you and Miss T!!


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