Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cutest Baby Pictures Ever!

Seriously, my sister is the best photographer EVER. I’m not one bit biased, either! She snapped some pictures of Miss T yesterday for her 9 month pictures… and I do mean snap. We did them in about 15-20 minutes total. This is a sneak peek at a few favs. Taryn is a big fan of clapping these days and I can’t say that I don’t just LOVE it. It’s the cutest thing and she just lights up when she’s clapping.

37194_435899109330_52537844330_5182760_5232671_n 40878_435899264330_52537844330_5182762_6002839_n 44926_435899144330_52537844330_5182761_6919217_n 68007_435899429330_52537844330_5182764_1778557_n 68954_435899089330_52537844330_5182759_7818542_n 71561_435900339330_52537844330_5182782_4647113_n

Can you tell that Miss T just got diagnosed with an ear infection, cold and teething? Yeah, me neither.

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