Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ramblings of a Frazzled Housewife/Mommy

This is a long post of ramblings by this crazy lady who is a bit frantic at this point. I really need a few more weeks to prepare for Christmas and Miss T’s birthday party. Can you believe she will be one in just over a week? Next Thursday? Crazy!!! I do not even know where I stand on her birthday preparations. I *think* I have plates and napkins. I should check on that. Here’s the back of her invite designed by my amazing sister.  Speaking of my sister and her photography, she’s offering a beginner photography class in January. I am excited to participate and I’ll also be helping with the food/snacks!


I am currently watching this movie. I love this movie!!! A sweet little Christmas movie that I watch every year.


I’m also wrapping the last few gifts… which is taking me forever to wrap between bites of puppy chow. So, if your gift includes a little extra powdered sugar, you now know why!  This is the view from here…. wrapping paper, ribbon and my Christmas moose pajamas. :)


I made these simple tags that I cut with my Cricut, added cute stickers and tied with bakers twine. I’m loving them!


My poor iPhone 4 (that I’ve had for all of 32 days) met it’s demise this morning. It’s a sad, sad story. My cat who is 20 years old has been having some issues and she had an “issue” this morning… as in, she wet our bed. Yuck. Totally disgusting, I know! I caught her just as it happened so no damage to the mattress. Dusty & I rushed all our bedding to the washer. About 30 minutes later, I couldn’t find my phone and realized it was in my bedding and thus in the washing machine getting a thorough bath. Many tears were shed by this lady. Obviously, I’m probably a little too attached to my phone.


My hubby was sweet enough to give me some of his stashed cash to buy a new one. Isn’t he a dear? I’m pretty sure I will keep him! I think he didn’t want to put up with an iPhone-less wife. It would be ugly. Trust me.

Guess who has to brave the grocery store tomorrow? Yeah, that would be me. I am such a slacker. We have no bread and a lot of necessities plus the ingredients I need for Christmas. I’m not even going to think about all the ingredients I need for T’s party… as in, lots of cream cheese. Oh, yeah. I’m doing appetizers such as cheese ball, dips, etc and they almost all include cream cheese. I’ll throw some veggies in there somewhere too.

Oh, another milestone – Taryn is fully weaned and on whole milk. Whoo-hoo. Well, not exactly whoo-hoo but kind of whoo-hoo if you know what I mean…. she’s just growing up. I’m hoping my milk jugs get the message soon too, if you know what I mean.

I will leave you with those thoughts of craziness… I just may delete this post in the morning after I come to my senses.

Oh, one more thing, can you believe my sweet boy was this stinkin’ adorable just a couple years ago…. my how he’s changed. Still adorable, less drool.

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