Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas Eve

One of the highlights of our Christmas is the annual Christmas Eve party at my great aunt & uncle’s house. They have the house that is ideal for entertaining – 3 levels of entertaining space. The kitchen/dining room is on the 3rd floor and overlooks the the large open living room making it perfect for large gatherings. It’s so fun to see family, nosh on delicious food and play dirty santa!

Miss T with her cousin, Talon. They are 15 days apart and both so cute!


A few of the kids… it’s hard to get pictures of all the kiddos – they are too busy playing and running amuck.


A few pictures from the festivities:

IMG_6807 IMG_6809 IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6816

Every year, we attempt a picture of these four ornery boys. They were all born within a year and by some strange chance, they happen to be sitting in birth order: Cayson, the youngest, Brayden, Deegan, and Ajay (the oldest).

 IMG_6819 IMG_6820 IMG_6825

After the shindig, Dusty & I got the kiddos to bed and went to work getting ready for Christmas morning! We brought in the gifts, set up the photo scavenger hunt (to find the kids’ new swing set), stuffed stockings and got the bubble bread ready for breakfast.

IMG_6835 IMG_6842


Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves and went ahead and opened our stockings to each other. It was nice to do it without the fuss of Christmas morning. We may be too old for stockings but it’s so much fun to fill them with all kinds of goodies!

Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas!

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