Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday 10

I thought it would be fun to do 10 things on Tuesdays about us and our lives… random tidbits! I know my blogging has been lacking. I am hoping to get a new laptop this week which will help. :)

1. Cayson is completely ate up with firefighters and police officers. He plays “rescue heroes” all day long and dreams of the day he can be a firefighter and police officer just like his daddy. He has also mastered the art of making sirens. I really need to get a video of it.

2. I am on a new recipe kick. I’ve been perusing my files – both online and paper to find some new dinner entrees. I’ve made a couple new recipes from the Pioneer Woman recently – a sour cream enchilada (I added chicken to it) and chicken tortilla soup. Both were delicious! I want to try this chicken recipe too.

3. Both kids have had ear infections/colds this past week and are still battling them. Dusty took each of them (separately) to Convenient Care for me. Big thanks to him! It has been a long week with the coughing, runny noses and fussiness.

4. I “may” have ordered 11 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from my adorable niece. Crazy! Now that we have freezer space, I’m sticking a bunch of Thin Mints in for later!

5. Big news for Dusty! He’s walking in May for his Masters degree! Whoot-whoot! I’m so proud of him!

6. Cayson can now beat me at Mario Kart. Granted, he gets more “practice” than I do, but it is pretty sad to be that terrible at video games. My name is Sarah and I AM NOT A GAMER.

7. I am watching the Biggest Loser this season for the first time ever. I need it to motivate me a little more to get into gear though.

8.On Sunday – when I was home ALL day long with sick Taryn- she managed to spill the humidifier, Dusty’s entire 44 ounce drink, Cayson’s water and her ear drops. She also emptied the trash can in my bedroom and unrolled the toilet paper among other things. She’s a bit of a mess.

9. Prayers would be appreciated for our family. My grandma was put into assisted living with my grandfather. He has been there since October-ish due to his physical limitations from his stroke. Grandma has been having health issues lately and it was decided that this was the best situation for her. It’s hard to take away her car and move her into a new place. She spent the better part of last week in the hospital and was discharged Saturday. Lots of changes to process.

10. On a brighter and funnier note, Cayson loves onions at the moment. He will sit and eat raw onions. I love onions –BUT I love them ON things – not just by themselves! Silly boy won’t eat chicken, but he’ll eat raw onions.

That was a little harder than I expected but still fun! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. raw onions? yikes! how does he do it?

    congrats dusty! that's a huge accomplishment.

    cooper is now into everything and it is absolutely exhausting following him around all day.

  2. Sending good thoughts to your grandma. It's never easy having to make those decisions.


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