Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day with the Jarnagins

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating with those you love!

I thought I’d share the Valentines the kids handed out at school. Cayson and Taryn both gave the girls Valentines that said “We really click!” and we included a bow on a clicky clip.

  IMG_7790IMG_7793 IMG_7824    

For the boys in Cayson’s class, we made Valentine’s for cars since that is a passion of his!


Cayson drove a truck through paint and across the back of the Valentines for a fun touch!


Taryn gave the boys these bags of Teddy Grahams that said “Bear hugs from Taryn”


My pint sized Valentines….. they are so adorable!

   IMG_7831 IMG_7852 IMG_7860

Cayson got a new (sturdier) fire helmet for V-Day. IMG_7870

I got these beautiful tulips along with a few other things from my sweet Valentine! Love!

IMG_7874 IMG_7879

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