Monday, March 7, 2011

Family According to Cayson

Cayson has made some fun "art" at school over the past week... I thought I should share.

Exhibit A - Our Family
Do you recognize us? The person on the left is Dusty. I am on the right. The leggy thing beside me is a spider (I'm deathly afraid of them!) and the fancy colored thing by Dusty is his "police game on his phone." Yeah, I didn't quite get that one either.

This picture is our family but I especially love his description on the bottom. 

Yeah, that's right, we're so fast. Take that, peeps! 

Another "family" portrait using magazine cut-outs. This has to go wrong... especially when all his pictures are of females. There's an unknown crossed arms included that he was unable to tell me who that is.

This beautiful lady in the business suit is none other than, Unk Rebecca (also known as Aunt Rebecca). Rebecca, you might want to cover that gray hair soon. You're too young to have gray!

This beautiful African American woman with braids is Mommy! Yeah, I know... I've got awesome skin. Ha!

And these three women are.... wait for it..... 


Yeah, these are definitely good for some laughs.... I have another one to post soon that had me rolling. 


  1. Ok, the last pic had me LOL-ing

  2. Haha!! That is so funny. What a kid!

  3. I love that kid!! He cracks me up!


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