Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday 10!

It's Tuesday 10 time again! A blog about us, what's up, and all that little stuff in between!

1. Taryn seems to have nearly recovered from her cold/ear infection. Cayson still has a icky cough at night so Dusty ran him to the doctor this morning. He has sinus crud and was given a Z-pack and a steroid. The doctor said the steroid "might" make him hyper. Joy, joy!

2. Last weekend was Dusty's last weekend off until the fall. Sad. :( His shift changes every two months and I think he gets weekends off for 2 months every 6 months.

3. Taryn now thinks it's hilarious when she gets a hold of contraband (cell phone, remote controls) to run from us. It's pretty funny to see her attempt to run. The one phrase that usually stops her in her tracks, "Do you want a spanking?" She stops, shakes her head no, and returns the contraband.

4. Cayson told Dusty first thing Sunday morning, "Dad, I'm not sure who I'm going to marry yet." Um, think you have a few years to ponder that, son.

5. Amazing Race is on!!!!! Whoot-whoot! I love Amazing Race! Especially with the cowboys - I went to school with Cord. I'm a fan of Luke & Margie too. Last week was a spectacular episode that I think showed the grit of the cowboys. I can't wait for next Sunday!

6. My brother-in-law, Keith, won Rookie of the Teacher award for his school district! We're so proud of him! This is the first year they've given the award and he's the recipient! Way to go, Keith!

7. I think I love the Apple Store despite the chaos and crowding there. I washed my iPhone 4 last December (after having it a total of 28 days!). Dusty was a sweetheart and gave me his mad cash to buy a new one. Well, my sister-in-law recently washed hers and went to the Apple Store and they gave her a new one. Crazy! So, we took our non-functional phone in and the tech said, "Stuff happens. We'll get you a new phone." Really? Isn't that awesome service? I just ordered a computer from them because I heart them so much!

8. I am very excited for the revival at our church this coming week! It's always such a wonderful time for revival in my own heart and relationship with the Lord and I'm looking forward to spending those extra days with others in our church. If you're interested in coming, shoot me an email!

9. I have a new business partnership for some of my sewing projects! More to come soon... they are going to be sold in a local store so that is exciting for me!

10. Cayson has been requesting a "sirens" birthday party since last year for his 4th birthday. I didn't realize how tough it would be to find cute stuff for it. He wants police, firefighter, ambulance and helicopters. I've been on the hunt... I have found cute firetruck printables and cute police but nothing that has both. Also looking for cake ideas and trying to figure out a date for his party.

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