Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday 10

Hopefully, I will get this posted before midnight on Tuesday.... if you're lucky! :) 

1. Cayson asked me this past week if he will be a Christian when he grows up. I told him that I definitely hope so! He has always been pretty deep when it comes to Christianity and asks a lot of questions. He had been scared of Heaven but we are working on that and I think he is getting used to the idea of a perfect place.

2. Taryn is in the "throw every.single.thing in the trash" phase. Lots of fun, really.

3. Cayson told us on Sunday that he wants to be married to God. Aw. Dusty explained that he can't marry God but he can have a relationship with God - be friends. He then told us he wants to marry his mommy. Aw. *happy tears- he loves me!* He was quite insistent that he wants to marry his mommy. We kept telling him he couldn't because Daddy is married to Mommy and it's illegal and gross. I let him know that I will always be his mommy! Forever and ever, amen!

4. Want to see a mini-tantrum from Miss T? (you might need to turn your volume down! She's a loud shrieking girl.)

5. You know that yummy bubble gum flavored amoxicilin antibiotic? Cayson is still taking it from his recent illness and that smell just makes me want to take a dose. So yummy and it reminds me of my childhood! Speaking of, we have complete medicine drama in our house. Taryn throws a tantrum every time Cayson gets his medicine because she wants some too. Our kids love medicine.

6. Taryn is currently crazy over kitties. She gets so worked up and excited when she spots the stray cat that's been hanging around our house along with Patches. She points and says "Cat!" "Kitty, kitty, kitty!" and she can also meow. It's quite adorable. :)

7. We went to a Made in Oklahoma event at P_Bar Farms this afternoon. There was lots of sampling of yummy things! We walked away with Willis Chili Seasoning, Mema's Habanero Salsa and Kettle King Kettle Korn! We went with the sole purpose of getting some kettle korn. This is the best stuff! I don't like store bought kettle corn at all but this stuff is amazing! I might be snacking on some as I type! 

8. Did you know you can "jailbreak" your Swiffer Wet Jet? I can't wait to try this!

9. I made this peanut butter frosting Saturday for some cupcakes I made for a benefit lunch. It was awesome! 

10. My talented sister did a 2 hour photo shoot with Taryn last week and the results are amazing! Here are two and I'll share more soon....  

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