Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday 10! Late, again!

1. Cayson has been full of all kinds of funny things lately. "I don't remember when I was in your belly." "Taryn's poop smells like lemonade," and he later ordered a lemonade aka lemon slush at Sonic. Ew! Some of the hilarity is not appropriate to post here. But, trust me, funny stuff!

2. Today, Cayson was insistent that we need to take an oven mitt on our "trip." Because we might need to touch something hot. He kept "packing" it in a grocery bag for us to take along on our trip. Our "trip" won't be until September and my little planner is already planning things out! He's just like his momma!

3. Dusty got to experience his first Mr. Mom weekend! I left town Thursday afternoon and returned Saturday evening. He did a great job, as I knew he would! The kids were clean, dressed and fed. He even did laundry. : )

4. Speaking of, I got to go on a shopping trip to Texas with our 55+ group for church. Isn't that hilarious? I went on a trip with the seniors. Ha ha. There were younger ones too and I went with my friend, Courtney, who is my age and we had a blast. We visited Canton's First Monday Sale and also got to make a stop at IKEA. Whoot-whoot! I loved IKEA! There were several amazing restaurants along the way too. It was a much needed shopping getaway for this momma. I'm grateful that Dusty encouraged me to go even though it was a last minute thing.

5. My garden is still empty... except for the compost that we've burried. I have two tomato plants inside waiting for the right spot. 

6. One of Taryn's molars is soooo close to breaking through. We've been battling little sleep thanks to these wonderfully functional teeth. I can't wait for them to come on in! 

7. Taryn's vocabulary is expanding! Her new word of the day today was "Bible!" Sweet! She can say Dadda (her favorite), Momma (rarely uses), Grrdadda (grandaddy), ball, shoes (of course!), go, jink (drink), cat, eat, nanna (banana) and maybe a few other words that I can't think of.

8. Poor Dusty hit a deer tonight. :( He said a pack of about 11 ran in front of him and he missed them but then a lone one came out of nowhere and he struck it. The front of his truck is damaged but it's repairable, we think. I'm thankful that Dusty is safe! 

9.  I only have eight tonight.... I can't think anymore!

10. Goodnight and happy Wednesday!

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  1. Glad Dusty is ok! A shopping trip getaway sounds most excellent!


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