Friday, April 22, 2011


Are there any volunteers to help in the raising of this diva child? Seriously? She is insanely busy and into all things dangerous, messy and off-limits! 

We had one day last week that was just bad, bad, bad. It was during our quarantine so I might have been a little crazy already and then I found this yarn mess after Miss T's nap. 

Yes, Cayson's horse lost a few handfulls of hair thanks to Miss T! I really had to laugh at that one.

This is the mess I dealt with ALL week long... Taryn climbing onto the dining room table to dump out the salt and pepper. Do you spot her finger prints in this? Yes, she was picking up salt on her hands and eating it! She actually had a salt mustache!

We had several incidences with cat food.... we found cat food in our shoes courtesy of Miss T. At one point, Dusty & I were sitting on our bed visiting when Taryn came to our doorway and threw cat food at us. She also took to throwing rocks/gravel from our fireplace over the baby gate (set up to block her from the bathroom & sunroom and save my sanity!) and filling a watering can with the gravel. She also tossed every.single toddler wipe into the toilet. She definitely keeps me on my toes!!! I love her so much and love her spunk... there are just days that I wish she would play with toys.

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