Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here we go... Tuesday 10!

I thought I'd attempt to throw together a quick little Tuesday 10 tonight! Things have been crazy around here. Dusty's shift changed in May, he was in a school all last week, graduation, Mother's Day, sick kids=lots of craziness. 

1. We have sad news to report. Our bunny passed away last week. He had been acting sickly and we found him dead on Thursday. Cayson is gung-ho to replace bunny right away but I think we're going to hold off for awhile. Possibly next Easter....

2. Cayson ended his Blast Ball season at the YMCA last week! I'd say he had a BLAST! (pic above of him hitting the T instead of the ball. Ha ha!)

3. Have you watched The Voice? I accidentally started watching it the first night and am hooked! Love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton! I just loved the blind auditions... kind of wish the season was just filled with those!

4. Taryn's vocabulary is growing exponentially! It's crazy to me. She told Dusty Bye-bye tonight in the same tone I use. Cayson heard her and immediately told her, "Good job, baby!" She says ball, Dada, Momma, Gr-ma, Gr-dadda, Nana, Papa, banana, cat (one of her favorite things!), Bible, book, shoes (another favorite thing!), drink, hi, dink you (thank you), dog, uh-oh, bye and she's working on Cayson. I'm sure there are more... she'll pretty much repeat anything Dusty asks her to say. Of course, she doesn't perform like that for me!

5. Both kids had check-ups last week with the pediatrician. I'll try to compose a post with their stats. They both got shots. :( They've also both been sick in the past week. I think Taryn's was a combination of shots/teething. Cayson had a high fever, pains and vomiting Sunday afternoon. Yuck, yuck!

6. Dusty was gone last week for a school in OKC. He will be teaching in the city on his days off over the next few weeks which means we will miss our daddy time! It also means Cayson's birthday party is on hold... ugh, the poor boy!

7. Cayson had been saying some awesome prayers! I wish he'd warn me before he prays so I could record them. LOL. One prayer included all of the following: "Thank you for Brother Earl. Help me not to be afraid of mascots. Thank you for Jesus dying on the cross for us. Thank you for sins (?). Thank you for my blast ball game." Isn't that funny? He's also prayed for the mean soldiers that nailed Jesus to the cross and for the mean giant (Goliath). You really never know what he'll say when he's praying!

8.  The day after Cayson's birthday, we planned on going to the zoo. But, in true Oklahoma fashion, it was ridiculously windy! So, we opted for the Oklahoma Science Museum for some indoor fun! The kids LOVED it! I had to control myself because it was a germaphobe momma's worst nightmare. Ah! They got baths when we got home so it's all good!
9. For those of you in the Oklahoma area, my sister is offering another photography class! This is such a great class! It's a great way to learn how to shoot in manual and really learn how to get good photos of your family/kids. I'm still working on figuring it out and am thinking about taking the class again to help me grasp all the concepts a little better.... you know, since I have an in with the teacher. ;)

10. Our garden, flower beds & pots are nearly all finished! Dusty got me a new hydrangea for Mother's Day to plant in my cutting garden that I need to get put in this week. We've got a veggie garden, herb garden, flower cutting garden plus our beds and pots. They are all rather simple but it sure makes me happy to have some color in our yard!

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