Sunday, May 8, 2011

Master of A Lot

I'm a proud wifey!!! Dusty graduated on Saturday with his Masters!!! I am very proud of his accomplishment and determination. It was a hot day for graduation (I have the sunburn to prove it!) but it was worth it to see him walk across the stage. 

I didn't get pictures of Cayson because he was with his grandparents during most of the festivities. My parents were life savers. They took actually left the graduation (before it really got started) because it was so hot and I was really concerned about the kids burning even though I put sunscreen on them. Mom & Dad took them home to rest inside which allowed me to focus on the graduation more and not have to supervise fussy, hot kids. My bro-in-law was sweet to sit with me through the entire graduation despite the crazy heat. Thanks, Keith!

Dusty & Cayson before we left in the morning

Look at the crazy hair on that girl!


Dusty (pre-graduation) with his friend Scott

Me & my graduate!

Dusty with some of his cohorts from his Masters program. Their adviser is in the middle. 

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