Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dressing Up, Jarnagin Style!

Dress up has been an ongoing game lately - especially with Taryn. She loves to layer clothes on... and loose garments around the house are fair game for her dress up antics. This week, she decided she needed to wear every single headband she could get on her head! I was so shocked to walk into her room to find this...

Cayson likes to dress up in his firefighter costume (though he doesn't keep it on long since it's hot!) and Taryn wanted something. She's sporting a pettiskirt with a tutu and leggings underneath and a headband of her choosing.

Later that day, she walked out of her room sporting this lovely look and carrying all her headbands.

To add to her goofiness, she is sporting her bikini (both top & bottom) underneath her skirt... she somehow has them pulled up on her legs... not correctly, mind you. That would be too boring!

Cayson cracked me up this morning because he said he needed to wear his sun hat with his fire fighter costume so he wouldn't get sunburned. And then, he added the flip flops. Total protocol firefighter gear. 

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