Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday 10- maybe

I'll see if I can get a full ten out... whew! Life has been busy! We've been enjoying our summer which has left little time for blogging.

1. As you may have gathered from my previous post, we went to the circus last week! We took the kids to their very first circus - The Greatest Show on Earth! The kids LOVED it! I can't wait to get the pics up on the blog to share!

2. Our garden is growing.... we have quite a few ripe jalapenos ready to be picked and one ripe yellow squash! My tomato plants are a big fat failure. They are getting huge but they are not producing. We sprayed Seven on them Saturday evening to see if that will help. Any advice? They bloom and then the blooms fall off. I've started watering them in the evening instead of the afternoon to see if that helps. So far, it's not helping.

3. Cayson started doing some preschool workbooks today! I ordered a few from Amazon when they were having a good sale. He enjoyed it so much! He thought it was playing instead of school!

4. I made Taco Stromboli last week and it was quite the hit! Dusty had several helpings and the kids ate it up! I mixed up pizza dough using this recipe. I spread it out on a cookie sheet and topped it with taco seasoned beef (cooked), salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese. I rolled it up stromboli style and baked it. It was awesome!

5. Taryn's started saying little phrases and it cracks us all up. She holds up her little hand and says, "high five!" ::cuteness:: She always follows Cayson's lead of looking at something with "I see, I see." She always has to look at whatever we show Cayson. She has started saying "night-night" over the past week too. Tonight, she surprised me by saying, "Not me" after her brother's lead. I can definitely tell her vocabulary is ahead of what Cayson's was at that age. I'm sure it has to do with having a big brother!

6. Dusty's been working, working, working. He didn't really have a day off last week from the police department as he had an extra shift on his day off and had court on his other day off. Throw in mowing his lawns and teaching his class, he's been a BUSY guy!

7. Our local library had a fun concert last week by Andy Mason. He sang fun songs and had a funny banter going on with the kids. Cayson loved it and was up dancing his heart out and having a blast. There was even guest appearances by a weather man, Jed Castles from News 9, and Cody the Zebra!

8. Cayson has officially mastered the "bedtime stall." He likes to throw questions at me as I'm walking out the door like, "Can God see Daddy?" "Can God see through grass?" "How?" "Why" and the like. I've had to start limiting his deep questions before bedtime because they just lead to more questions.

9. I've been busy planning our upcoming vacation... I say upcoming, 82 days, to be exact. It's exciting to us. I live for vacationing and traveling! 

10.  I made the above onesie and bow for a sweet little girl... my cousin's baby girl! She's expected to arrive in less than 6 weeks!

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