Friday, July 22, 2011

More Splash Pad Fun!

We got to attend a fun pirate birthday party at the splash pad. The kids had such a blast! We snapped quite a few pictures of Taryn because she was easier to photograph than Cayson who was busy chasing the older girls. :)

Taryn w/her BFF, Gracie. Aren't they adorable? Gracie's hat was so Hollywood and cute on her!

Taryn decided she loved being swung into the water so that's what I spent my timed doing!

Dusty got into the action too!

I'm not sure if I can totally explain this last picture.... especially since I have photo proof of unsuspectingly getting soaked by the large bucket. I had no idea it was about to dump and was leaning over to pick up Gracie. We got soaked! And somehow, my husband had the camera aimed right at the action. He claims he didn't know it was about to dump on innocent me.... the jury's still out on that claim.

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