Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday 10 - We're still alive & kicking!

The Jarnagins are still alive... and well, for the most part minus 3 sinus infections and one with a double ear infection. Life has been bumpy, crazy and busy. This could also be titled "Phone dump!" because I had to go through my phone pics to remember what all has been going on.

1. We had a garage sale last weekend.... thus some craziness going on. We sold a lot of crap stuff and donated the remaining. It does feel good to get rid of two years worth of piles! Cayson had a cute lemonade stand and turned quite the profits! He had the cutest little sing-song pitch "Lemonade and Ice Water. Come and get it." He'd start chanting his little sales pitch every time someone walked within 15 feet of him. Isn't he a cutie?

2. We went to the Hydro Fair the other weekend. It's a completely perfect small-town fair with a picturesque setting. It seems like it's straight out of a movie! The kids had the best time ever. Cayson & I rode the Ferris Wheel (Cayson's favorite ride!). Taryn's favorite ride was either the airplanes or train. Cotton candy is a Hydro Fair staple and at only $1.50, it's a cheap sweet!

3. I've been trying to do some sewing lately... I have a long list of things to attempt to sew! I did sew a dress for Taryn using a pattern (first time!). Of course, now I'm afraid to wash it - afraid it will completely fall apart. I also sewed a blanket to go with her napmat for "school."
4. This Sunday, starts a new era for us. Dusty & I will start in one of the toddler rooms at church! I'll miss teaching 3's - they are so much fun but I also know the toddlers will be a blast! I'm also excited to be teamed with Dusty. We're also switching hours of attending service so it will be a change all around for us.

5. Speaking of church, I snapped this picture the other Sunday of Cayson and one of his friends in Sunday School. They were sitting on the little couch reading their Bibles together. So sweet! I've had the privilege of being his Sunday School teacher for the past year and it has been a fun experience.

6. I don't think I ever posted any picture of Taryn's black eye from a few weeks ago. Here it is in all it's glory. I took better pictures with the good camera but here's one from my phone. It really looks like she's wearing thick eye shadow.

7. Taryn has started the new habit of crashing in her high chair at lunch on some days. This day, she passed out and her mouth was packed full of crackers.

8. This picture isn't the best but it's the aftermath of Taryn convincing 3 grown men to play "Ring Around the Rosey" with her. She's pretty convincing, that one, with her big eyes and blonde hair.
9. Should I go into Taryn's latest adventures? I guess it's always good for blogging, right? Today, she mastered the childproof latch on the "candy" drawer of all drawers! I kept finding it wide open while she noshed on Dusty's candy corn stash.

10. Our garden status: We finally have tomatoes!!!! Now that it is almost September. Our pepper plants are producing like crazy and we are getting a few cantaloupes.
Hope you have a blessed week!
"Encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing." 
- 1 Thessalonians 5:11


  1. oh goodness! she has a black eye?! poor thing and poor mama. she is a ball of energy, isn't she?

    those pics of you are great! you look so thin and beautiful!

  2. Friend, you look so beautiful!

    Sweet C with his lemonade stand. I so enjoyed him at the garage sale.

    I didn't realize you guys would be switching services. We will year after next when Brandon is in youth.


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