Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday 10 - This & That

Tuesday 10 is a blog devoted to the "this & that" of our lives. It's a way to catch up on things and share whatever I feel like sharing. :) It's also a great time to share photos from my phone.

1. Storytime at the library - we try to attend as often as possible since it gives us all something new to do for 30 minutes or so every other week. This past week, the kids' friends Britton & Gracie were there so they had a blast together!

The boys coloring
 The girls coloring
Isn't that adorable?

2. I made my favorite blueberry muffin recipe Sunday evening - and doubled it so we'd have extra to freeze. I forgot how much it makes in the first place! I baked mini and regular size muffins all evening long. I wanted to share the link for the recipe because these are divine and quite easy to make! I usually use frozen blueberries and skip the sauce step and just sprinkle with sugar.
3. The first annual Wind Festival was held this past weekend. Taryn & I met up with Daddy to enjoy the sites. Taryn found a victim in this sweet little puppy that she terrorized with hugs headlocks. Oh, and there was a Police vs. Fire cook off that the police won!!!

4. One of my favorite features of my "new" studio is the ribbon storage - guttering! Dusty installed it for me last weekend and I love it!

5.  Speaking of crafting/the studio. Thanks to YouTube, I learned how to fold fabric! It's revolutionized my life. I started folding and organizing today and am giddy with the organization of it all!

6.  We headed out for our first SWOSU Bulldogs' football game Saturday evening. The weather was beautiful and the kids really did well. Taryn was getting antsy after halftime so we headed home for bedtime. We attempted a family picture... sort of.

7. These are a few t-shirt designs I made this week for a local boutique... if you're in town, check out Miss Trudy's children booth!

8. Taryn might have eaten A&D Ointment, stirred toilet water with a hair pick (yes, we have a hair pick for some reason?), splashed around in bleach water, stamped her belly with a self-inking stamp and drank Momma's Dr. Pepper this week. Just a normal week in our house!

9. We have some big prayer requests in our family right now - my mom has been really sick with headaches/migraines and other issues. Please pray for relief, energy & healing for her! Also, her dad (my grandpa) is having health issues. Please pray for motivation for him & health. Her mom (my grandma) also had an episode this week and ended up in the ER. My dad broke his finger the same day and ended up at the hospital too for x-rays. Needless to say, my mom is under a lot of stress right now with all that is going on and her health! We'd appreciate all prayers!

10. And just for laughs to finish things off... 


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  1. oh taryn... she keeps you on your toes! Cooper is always getting into something he shouldn't.

    I saw your tweet about the blueberry muffins. thanks for sharing the recipe. i'm definitely going to make them!


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