Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show & Tell - The Booth!

Fun things have been going on in these parts... for instance, we opened a booth at an antique mall! It's a very popular antique mall with a lot of foot traffic so I have high hopes that we will be successful! I still have a lot that I want to do to the booth including more doors to cover this icky red shelf & peg board and some more doors. Those things will come... soon enough.

Here is a peek into the booth... it includes antiques, vintage treasures and some made-new things including my new pillows! Most of these were taken with my phone so not the best quality.

I love this typewriter... I am secretly hoping it does not sell so it can find a home in my house. :)

Vintage desk along with some fun vintage cowboy pillows.

I love this antique medicine cabinet - it was destined for the dumpster before I swiped in to save it... errr, actually, my brother-in-law saved it for me. It's over 100 years old!

This metal ice box is a sure treasure... it has shelves and all!

Here are a few of the pillow cuteness... I love these fabrics!

That's a little bit of what has been going on around here! This weekend, we are celebrating T's 2nd birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party. Holla!

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