Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Randoms: Phone Dump

I've had a nice extended break from Internet thanks to our Internet provider... we are back and running thanks to a new router. I thought it was time to post a few random pictures from my phone!

Taryn loves to wear Cayson's hats... this day, she looked so gangster but threw in a glam with the wrist full of bracelets. Love her "style."

I love this photo of Dusty reading to the kids... a Princess book nonetheless.

We had a minor incident which felt like a major one to me this past week! When riding his bike home from my parents', Cayson somehow slipped and got his foot stuck. I could not free it and started to panic as I stood on the side of the road with two kids on bikes. I called Dusty who rushed home. He had to carry Cayson - bike and all home to work on getting his foot free. It took a good 15 minutes and Cayson was thrilled to be a free man again.

Speaking of Dusty, he was involved in a big mj grow bust this week.... he sent me this pic so I had it on my phone. Nice operation, right?

I thought it was time Patches made an appearance on the blog... it's been awhile. She is still around and kicking... at 20 years old! She is super cuddly during the winter months and is always on our laps or sleeping on top of us.

We've gone to a couple SWOSU basketball games this week - our first of the season. They are doing fantastic this year and the other night, we got to watch the ladies beat the #1 ranked team! So fun!

I am slowly working on the details for Taryn's Minnie Mouse birthday party... we ended up delaying her party until almost a month after her actual birthday. It's going to be a cute little party, I think. This is my first time to actually assemble and make the invitations. I usually do photo cards or printed invitations.

My sister took 2 year pictures of Taryn last week... they didn't go so well as she was in a mood and only wanted to be held by me. I was quite disappointed as Taryn is usually very cooperative as far as the smiles go when we do pictures. Rebecca did send me this cute picture. We may have to schedule a mini-session to try to get a few more shots of the temperamental girl.

Cayson and I had fun coloring these cute Valentines that I picked up in T@rget's Dollar Spot. Later in the day, his naughty sister got a hold of them and did her own coloring on them. So... I need to pick up another pack for him.

At today's SWOSU game, I asked the kids to show me their game faces.... these are what they gave me. So cute! I love them!


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    1. The pictures just sum up your fun and eventful house! I am so glad C wasn't hurt from his bike. I love T's invite and picture Rebecca took and their game faces. Never a dull moment, which makes your posts so fun!

      I deleted my first comment bc of typo.


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