Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10 has become almost a phone dump along with a way to share random tidbits. Pretty much, it's a post where anything goes!

1. I got this book the other day. So far, it looks to be very promising! Essentially, you mix up a big batch of their recipe dough at once and keep it in the refrigerator to cut a chunk off and bake bread at a moment's notice. I am excited to make some! I have heard great things about the process so it will be interesting.

2. My mom took the kids down to the pet shop to look around. That is considered a big treat in our house. The owner of the store rewarded the kids for being well-behaved with fish tattoos. They are "hard core." lol. I scrubbed and scrubbed to try to get Taryn's off for church but it adhered quite well. So, she was gangsta for church on Sunday.

3. Taryn is a girly-girl yet she can usually be found playing pirates, bad guys/good guys, police, cars, etc with Cayson. Most of the time when she is carrying one of her dainty little purses, it is filled to the brim with cars!
I had to laugh at her spraying bullets with this semi-automatic gun while wearing a gun holster. If you visit our house any day, any time, guaranteed there will be guns and swords of all kinds strewn across the house. Always.

4. Our spacious new driveway has been loads of fun so far! We got the kids' a plasma car from Zulily that came in this week and we all enjoyed a spin on it. Cayson is by far the best racer on it whereas I am just a big dork!

5. The kids and I enjoy walking down to Dusty's office on occasions to visit him at work. It's a short walk but it gets us out and moving on days we are going stir crazy. The kids love to play at a "park" across the street that is home to this memorial. They always run around and have a great time. Who needs swings and slides to have fun at a park? Note: Cayson has his rifle gun along with a holstered gun (not pictured) Like I said, standard.

6. This card was from my 87 year old grandpa and his girlfriend for Cayson's 5th birthday. I had to laugh a little when I realized how creepy it is! Ha ha. He probably just grabbed the first card he found. Cayson later told me when he spotted it on the counter that he wasn't a "fan" of that card. It was scary. Yep, Johnny Depp can do that to a kid.

7. The garden hose came out on Saturday and the kids had a ball playing with it. Who needs sprinklers and swimming pools? They've asked to spray each other every day when we go outside.

8. Hide and Go Seek is a kid favorite in our house. They love to play it with Dusty in our teeny house. Let's just guess how many hiding places there are in this place... yep, not many. BUT, they insist on playing over and over and over again. The other day, they started playing in the backyard and I snapped this pic. You can see Cayson in the background looking for a hiding spot. I will say, hide and go seek has really boosted both kids' counting abilities! It is how Taryn learned to count and she can count so well now.

9. Cayson has been extremely interested in helping in the kitchen lately. I let him help me stir the homemade sloppy joes Tuesday night. He was so proud to be helping near the hot stove. I think it might help him with some of his weird picky eating... he devoured two sloppy joes! Normally, this would be a meal he would beg to avoid. Maybe we are making progress! He has actually ordered chicken strips TWICE in the last couple weeks. This, coming from a kid who does not like chicken. Really, how can a person not like chicken? Seriously, strange picky eating tendencies with that child.

10. Guess who will be celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss in just a few short weeks? My parents! My sister and I are putting together a little reception in their honor so I have been working out the details for that. Hopefully, it will be a great memory for my parents and honor their devotion to each other.

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  1. I love seeing the pics of Taryn and Cayson. I sure miss seeing them twice a week. Both would come up to me, like my own kids and give me hugs. You have sweet sweet kiddos!


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