Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Dump Friday

Why not have a photo dump Friday? I meant to do a Friday Favorites but ran out of time. I'm a little behind on everything with planning for VBS next week and my parents' 40th anniversary part-ay.

We really had a fun week! It seemed busy! We have had a little visitor a couple days a week so life is interesting... practicing with 3 kiddos. Ha ha. Not really... just kidding. Seriously. It does make things a little more hectic.

Taryn came up with a new way to ride in the shopping cart. She loves buckles and is constantly buckling things. Safety, first!

The kids pretty much adore Baby B. Love, love, love her... the poor girl gets constantly harassed when she is over!

I took the kids for donuts last Saturday as a post-garage saling treat. Cayson was thrilled that he got a raspberry filled one.

Here is a find from last weekend's garage saling which has a God thing back story! I bought Cayson a gumball machine last year at a garage sale per his request. A month or so ago, Taryn somehow reached up on the high shelf and broke it. :( (Sidenote: I did find out we can order a new glass) Last Saturday morning, Cayson asked me if we would find a gumball machine at a garage sale. Of course, I did not expect to find one but what do you know? We found one!!! On a stand even! $10 for a very happy boy. God definitely provided this gumball machine.

Taryn loves riding with Cayson in his car. She throws her head back as he speeds around. It's quite the site. Apparently, she loves the wind blowing her hair.

We did a little swimming... the water is still freezing! Taryn was not interested in getting into the water... she just wanted to wear a swimsuit. I'm thinking she's close to reaching diva status. Please help us.... anybody?

We also found a couple of strays... a terrapin and adorable kitten! The turtle was released in the backyard to never be spotted again. The kitten (named Black Fellow by Cayson. Totally politically correct, right?) has found a new home too! 

She's just cute.... to me.

Memorial Day service


We got our first snowcones of the season despite wind and rain!

We also ate lakeside in OKC Friday... it was my brilliant idea. It ended up being freezing cold... on June 1. Who would have thought I'd be shivering as we ate out on a patio? Crazy Oklahoma weather!

The kids asked to do a photobooth at the mall. Our first response was, "maybe next time." Then, we realized we should do it! Who cares about "next time." It was fun!

Orange Leaf has been Dusty & my secret pleasure when we are kid-free in the city... today, we shared it with the kids. Taryn ate her pink yogurt along with Cayson's blue yogurt. I'd say she was a BIG fan!

Big leaguer, Cayson, had his first t-ball game tonight. He had a blast! I am happy to report, he had successful at-bats! Yay!

Our flower beds and garden are finally completely planted, I think. I got this Endless Summer Hydrangea and Butterfly Bush last weekend for half off. I've always wanted an Endless Summer so I'm stoked about that. We have a few cherry tomatoes that are nearly ready for the picking and have already picked a few peppers with more coming. This year, we are trying strawberries and okra for the first time.


  1. Fun times! Will you adopt me??

  2. Great pictures! You guys did have a busy week. Can't wait to see you next week. We are due some chit chatting.


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