Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pooltime? Maybe... Maybe Not

The other day, I asked Taryn if she wanted to swim (Cayson was gone for a bit and she was sad). She eagerly said yes and picked out a swim suit. We trotted out to the pool ready to jump in.

She happily put on her puddle jumper and then quickly sat on the edge to kick....and kick with absolutely no interest in getting into the water.

She just loves to sit on the edge. Taryn has a fear of the water, it seems. Which could be a good thing, I guess. I keep saying, she's not my child because my children should be water babies!

Cayson got home so he happily jumped in - my water baby. He practiced his cannonballs... much to my dismay. That water was cold when it splashed on me!

Cayson did really good using his kick board! I was impressed. He starts swimming lessons next week so hopefully, he excels this year and becomes and awesome swimmer!

Hope everyone else is staying cool! Here's to a water filled summer! 

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