Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday 10

1. I finally got this baby back in working order!!! She was out of commission for awhile before I took her for repairs which ended up taking two trips to the repair shop because she ended up needing a new motor. I'm just happy to be able to sew again!

2. Speaking of sewing, I made a shirt for me, a baby onesie and two shirts for Taryn. I was quite ready to get back into sewing!

3. This Dixon was my Caddilac Saturday morning... I helped Dusty mow his lawns. He had a crazy week which put him behind. It just so happened the kids were at my parents' so we teamed up to get some lawns done. I must admit that I haven't mowed in 9 1/2 years.... since we got married!!! I was so happy to have a husband to mow the lawn. I am spoiled rotten, I know.

4. Cayson had a swim party at a nearby public pool Saturday evening. He begged to go off the diving board... in the deep end. I finally gave in and let him though I was nervous. He did a great job jumping in and swimming to the ladder. I was a proud momma! His swimming lessons paid off!

5. Not the best picture but I wanted to post one of Dusty working in our toddler nursery while on duty. He has been so committed - coming while he's on duty to help with the kiddos. We have a pretty full room most Sundays so it's a hectic hour and a half. The kids are pretty fascinated with his uniform and all his equipment.

6. I found this oven fried okra recipe and it's been a hit. I think next time, I'll add a little flour with the cornmeal. I usually do a flour/cornmeal mixture when I fry it. You can find the recipe here.

7. I have been completely slacking on my booth at the antique mall... I finally made my way in there today. I was happy to have sold quite a bit but now I need to get it restocked! Pretty much all of my handmade magnets had sold this month along with several pillows. That makes me happy to sell my handmade products.

8. I made this yummy salsa today from Joy's Hope. So good! I made the "senorita" version which is spicy hot but she has a milder version too! Check out the recipe here.

9. Underwater pics of these kids=hilarious stuff

10. I have to share a new favorite verse. I heard it on my AFR app while working out this week -

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 51:12.

My desire is for the joy of my salvation to be restored - like a child's complete and utter joy! Like the joy I see everyday in my sweet children! Awesome words!

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