Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday 10 on Wednesday

I realize I am so far behind on blogging. Life happens and we're in the midst of trying to buy a house... hopefully, we'll get some good news soon and I can share more. Anyway, I thought I would attempt a very belated Tuesday 10.

1. My always awesome sister took our family pictures last night... she already edited a few! She rocks!  

2. We were able to make a little trip out to P-Bar Farms to pick out pumpkins. Cayson chose the largest he could find and Taryn found a perfect little pumpkin.

3. Cayson finished out his soccer season last week. He really enjoyed the sport so I foresee many more soccer seasons in our future. He loved having Dusty as his coach.

4. We have very happy hearts as this sweet boy chose to follow Jesus the other week. He went forward on Sunday to announce his decision during church. We are beyond proud of him and this big decision!

5. This girl loves to dress up in her Sleeping Beauty dress... constantly. It has become quite threadbare and has a few rips in it.

6. I helped with a baby shower for my sister over the weekend. We used the vintage cowboy theme and tons of burlap and good food! It turned out great... I will definitely try to share more pics!

7. We did our jack-o-lanterns today... construction ones, that is! We did not get around to carving our real one this year.

8. I made a few new onesie designs for my sister including this Oklahoma version. I'm loving the Oklahoma pride right now!

9. We celebrated SWOSU's homecoming last Saturday. The homecoming parade is a highlight of our year. The game was bitterly cold... at least, to me. We lasted a quarter, I think! Wimp, right here.

10. Taryn finally decided to start pedaling. Hallelujah! She has always refused to pedal and has just Flintstoned it around.

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  1. super fun pictures!! Yay for Cayson and his decision to follow Christ and for Taryn pedaling!


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