Monday, December 10, 2012

Thunderin' Up Taryn

Sunday evening brought us a fun date day with Taryn. We took her to her first OKC Thunder game.... seeing as she is free until she turns 3. We thought it was a good time to introduce her to the excitement that is the OKC Thunder! She loved it! She cheered, clapped and danced her heart out.

Our first stop was the face painting booth where Taryn sat super still to get her face painted. I was impressed by her ability to sit still since she is always in motion.

She was quite proud of her face art!

Our seats were high up this game but that doesn't matter when you're watching the Thunder play! It's such an exciting atmosphere!

One of the coolest things - a free photo booth in Loud City. I love these pictures of our silly girl.

Taryn told us her favorite part of the game was the Thunder Girls. And, lucky for us, she learned how to swish her hair like a Thunder Girl. Ha ha. Watch out, world!

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